Energy at the Holidays

The holidays bring their own energies. We all have the energy of thankfulness but there are many other energies. When we start to recognize the nearness of the new year, some are hopeful in anticipation. Others look forward in dread of what the new year will bring. Meditation helps us handle the energies of the new year and the holidays. We can set our energies to be more in tune with, and ready for anything that comes. If we can release fear, then we have the required clarity to strongly move forward. During this time of the year, our instructors and healers are always available to give you the needed insight to find neutrality to confidently face any challenges.


We are excited to announce that next Monday September 11th at 6:30 PM we will be teaching a class on archetypes. Archetypes are inherent patterns in physical and spiritual life. By understanding how archetypes influence us we can empower or disempower them. When we find an understanding of their power, we are able to better understand why events happen the way they do. With practice we can see the archetypes in another person and find ways to interact that are beneficial to everyone involved. This class will be beneficial for all attendees. Click on the link below for more information.


When you control a reading, you are afforded a space to see the energies in the readee and the readers. This is a great way to clear your space of matching energies and pictures that no longer serve you. We are offering a class on controlling readings. This class starts tomorrow after the reading. Class should start at 7:00 pm. It would be beneficial to read at the 5:30 reading space. Get to the school early to run your energy. The Control Class will consist of three classroom sessions and then practice at the readings. This class is only available to Clairvoyant graduates.


Gail and I are proud to announce the graduation of our latest class of clairvoyants. Their hard work and determination has brought them to certainty. Each in their own way has made huge progress on their spiritual path. The foundation they have built will empower them the rest of this life and into the future. Their high vibrations will be a beacon for what is to come in their lives. The world will become a better place because of the spirits they have become. Congratulations from Gail and Pride and the teachers at Metaphysical Learning Center.

Lovelock Caves

We are in the process of putting together a group outing. We would like to visit the Nevada Museum that exhibits artifacts from the cave. We were thinking of doing the museum one weekend and the caves the next. If you are interested in either or both of these outings let us know.