We are all on a spiritual path. It is our path, each to his own. No two paths are identical. Some are called to share and instruct. Others are called to learn. Our first lessons are taught by the world around us. For the most part, these lessons are learned from a nurturing and loving world. Just as the trunk of a tree is the source of nutrition for the branches, our universe is the source of all. We learn the lessons required to interact and survive. At a specific point we begin to branch out. Like the limbs of a tree we all have a distinct path. No two paths are identical. As we learn the spiritual lessons we have mocked up for this life, we reach higher vibrations. Much like a tree we reach ever higher. Some tree limbs grow outward but never achieves any height. This does not mean that these limbs (beings) are any less important. They all contribute to the health and well being of the tree (humanity). All tree limbs flourish in the sun. When the sun is blocked the limb will wither and eventually die. If the sunlight is symbolic of our spiritual information the withered limb is becomes a symbol of a person who denies their spirit. Like the limbs of the tree, we all grow away from the trunk. We seek our own path. The path is different for each of us. The thing that we all share is our connection to the trunk (humanity). The trunk keeps us nourished and is symbolic of our attachment to Mother Earth. This grounding influence is our connection to reality and being in the present. We must grow where our roots are. If a limb loses its connection to the trunk it dies. A severed limb rarely survives. It becomes wind tossed and eventually rots. We become wind tossed when we lose our spiritual connection. It is as if the universe is conspiring to sabotage our lives. We begin to expect road blocks. We usually get what we expect, especially the ones that seem detrimental. When we find this happening, we need to get back to our roots. We haven’t lost our way. We are merely sidetracked. It becomes a chance to examine what caused the wrong turn. Look for the lesson. Learn from the experience and get back to moving forward. We are not able to deny that we are on a spiritual path. Like the roots and the trunk, we can only nurture and nourish our spirit on its path.