Miracles have been going through my thoughts lately. I can’t seem to let go of the energy of miracles. Miracles are loosely defined as, a beneficial event that occurs and is not explicable by natural or scientific laws. The internet is full of stories that are given as miracles. There are many explanations for the occurrence of these miracles. Some are attributed to God, synchronicity, or just a coincidence that has no explanation. I believe that there are no coincidences and that everything happens for a reason, all of it, the good, the bad and the ugly. Many people have given up on miracles. They no longer believe in the possibility of intervention, divine or otherwise. They have given their lives over to the idea of fate. This takes the responsibility for their lack of belief out of their hands. They can always say it was fate. Fate is what occurs when a person has lost faith in a higher power and most of all in themselves. If we truly create our world, there is no reason not to leave some room for miracles. By miracle, I don’t mean turning water to wine or raising the dead. Miracles have endless possibilities. Sometimes we fail to see the miracle. Oftentimes we precipitate a miracle that grows outside of our world but has a profound effect on another’s life. One miracle that comes to mind is the Suicide Prevention Line. They field calls from people that are in dire straits, physically and emotionally. These people are dedicated to the prevention of suicide, but the miracle goes much further. The people they save have families and friends. These people are recipients of the miracle of saving that one person. Everybody that person interacts with is also a recipient. Sometimes the suicidal person can’t be saved. Even in this loss there are miracles. Somewhere in the event there is a lesson. Maybe a new way to approach the problem or a deeper understanding of process that leads people to this end.

            People have been miraculously cured of incurable disease since the beginning of time. The most notable of these was Jesus. Jesus said that all he had done could be done by anyone if they had the faith of a grain of a mustard seed. These ideas have led to the use of energy to heal the spirit and thereby healing the physical body. Some of these healings truly fall into the category of miracles. When a person has had energy work they always leave feeling better. Anything that raises the energy of another person, in my opinion, is a miracle. It can be as simple as a smile and a friendly greeting. The recipient made to feel better just by reason of the fact that they were noticed. The reaction is a smile and greeting in return. Both go away a little more lighthearted. I feel it says a lot about where mankind has sunk to when we have replaced that smile and greeting with fear. We have grown afraid to make eye contact with one other. We aren’t sure how we will be viewed. These are little miracles that we miss every day.

            Doctors and hospitals constantly witness miracles. There are millions of stories out there of people who went in with an incurable disease and walked out cured. Modern medicine has evolved to the point where diseases that were incurable before are just a shot away from cure. We all know someone who has been cured of the incurable. Even the dreaded cancer has been defeated in some cases. What used to be a death sentence is now in some cases just a great inconvenience. One of these days, a lab somewhere will announce a miracle drug that cures cancer. When they do, having a body that once had cancer and is now cancer free will cease to be a miracle. It will be commonplace. We will have lost the miracle feeling of being cancer free.

            We have taken so many things for granted that we have lost the ability to see and recognize miracles. We no longer live in a world of miracles. Some people still recognize them. They haven’t given in to fate. The world, in fact the universe, is full of mystery and wonder. When we view it from that perspective we marvel at the miracle of just being part of something greater than mere humankind. The little space we must live in is a miracle. Until we begin to see and realize the miracles that happen around us we are destined to live at the whim of fate. Fate allows us to live our lives in a constant state of flux. We are calm one moment only to be thrust back into chaos the next. We fail to see and realize the unfolding of the world around us. We notice the things that inconvenience us. All of nature has a meaning and a purpose. Maybe the rain that falls on our parade serves a greater and higher purpose than the celebration. We need to start looking for the subtle energies that surround us. They are usually signs of something with a greater purpose.

            We teach our students to see the world through the eyes of a young child. Everything is new and awe inspiring. Look and feel with every ounce of being. Go beyond the five senses. Feel Mother Earth as spiritual being deserving our care and attention. Know that we are all connected in some way. What affects one affects all. By all, I mean every living thing. Native Americans believe that all things, every rock, tree and plant has a spirit and a story to tell. They are right. If we just take a half step back and slow down, we can each see their truth. It is in the slowing that the story is revealed. You can’t hear or see it if you are racing by at sixty-five miles an hour. When we take the time to recognize the energies around us, they will just by the recognition come into affinity with us. We have not only polluted our world, but we have also polluted our lives. We strive for things that aren’t important. We have cluttered ourselves. We have lost the ability to see through our own created clutter and see what is important.

            We need to see the gift of spirit that is shared in a smile, the wonder of the new day unfolding and the serenity in the sunset. We need to be more open to the subtle energies around us. We need to lose the fear and learn to cohabitate with our world and everything it is made of. The joy is found in the feeling of accomplishment. We have passed this way and left it better than we found it. Because I am a spirit with a body, I see and validate the spirit in you. Namaste.


Written by: Pride and Gail Hansen